November 3, 2021

6 Big Things That Can Really Make Your Apartment Landscaping Stand Out

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex recently became the number one area in the U.S. for apartments. Over 26,000 new multi-family units were added in 2020 alone! As a result, apartment landscaping has become more important than ever.

Multi-family commercial property owners know how important landscaping is to the success of your business. Things like plant beds, trees and shrubs, parking lots, and other outdoor spaces can either create eye-catching curb appeal or turn potential tenants away.

Landscaping for apartment buildings is different from landscaping for other properties. A good apartment landscaping service understands this and can help you create an environment that is attractive, functional, and therefore profitable.

LH Services has provided landscape services in the Dallas area for over 20 years, and we understand what it takes to make multi-unit landscaping look good. In this post, we’ll give you some ways to add appeal to your property.

What Makes Apartment Landscaping Unique

Apartments present unique challenges when it comes to landscaping. By its very nature, a multi-family complex involves a lot of people interacting with the property on a daily basis at all hours of the day and night.

A single-family residence doesn’t have to consider things like high-impact foot traffic across the grass (and, unfortunately, through plant beds), lines of sight for safety and security, and wear and tear quite like apartment communities do. When that many people call your property home, you have to find a way to strike the appropriate balance between beautiful and usable.

Apartment Complex Landscaping Ideas

Since so many new units are being built in the DFW area (and surrounding suburbs), here are 6 things to consider when it comes time to plan your apartment landscaping:

1. Landscape Design

Landscape architects are an essential partner to have when trying to decide what your property will end up looking like. They can ensure that what you build is appropriate for the area, functional, and meets all local regulations.

Before the first shovel hits the dirt at your apartment complex, make sure you have detailed architectural drawings that cover what specific plants will go where, irrigation placement, hardscape materials, and any engineering considerations (like retaining walls and drainage systems).

2. Trees and Shrubs

The largest elements of landscape design are usually trees and shrubs. What you choose and where you place them can make all the difference in how your residential complex landscape turns out.

Shrubs planted in the wrong place are relatively easy to trim or replace. If you’re not careful about tree selection, though, you could be setting yourself up for a lot of trouble down the road.

For example, weeping willow trees (Salix Babylonica) have extremely invasive root systems. When their roots discover a water source, they aggressively spread out there to soak up as much as they can. Therefore, it’s probably not wise to plant one near your community’s swimming pool.

  • Native Plants — Whenever possible, it is best to select native trees and shrubs. They have already proven themselves to be hardy for the climate and soil conditions in your area. Lots of plants can create interesting curb appeal, but if they don’t grow well, you’ll be throwing money away.
  • Plan for Maturity — Be careful about simply putting a tree or shrub in the ground without thinking about how big it will ultimately get. You may plant a row of trees along the street only to find out several years later that they are encroaching on power lines.

3. Plant Beds

The landscape beds around your apartment buildings and the common areas throughout your property may be the number one feature that people notice. The possibilities for what you can incorporate into the plant beds around your apartment complex are endless. However, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Visibility – Make sure your beds don’t create safety problems by blocking views. There may also be areas that you want to shield from view either for privacy or to hide unsightly equipment.
  • Accessibility – People need to be able to move around multi-unit landscaping without it interfering with their ability to come and go. At best, tenants will be frustrated. At worst, someone could get hurt and you could get sued.
  • Maintenance – Whatever is planted must be maintained. Some plants are slow-growing and require little regular upkeep. It can get rather expensive and time-consuming to keep calling someone out to do landscape maintenance. By planning ahead with careful plant selection, you can save yourself a lot of time and money.

4. Outdoor Spaces

Don’t overlook the powerful effect outdoor living spaces can add to an apartment community. When people want to get outside, make sure the landscaping in common areas is attractive and inviting. A few of the most common outdoor spaces include:

  • Fire pits
  • Patios
  • Courtyards
  • Pools

5. Irrigation

Keep watering needs in mind as you plan to care for your landscaping. Failure to keep your property irrigated well could result in damaged or dying plants (and be a big waste of investment).

Working with an experienced landscape architect or commercial landscape company to install a quality irrigation system will give you peace of mind that watering is happening as it should and keep things growing well for years to come.

6. Lighting

Landscape lighting in apartment communities provides safety, security, and beauty. It can be a bit of an investment on the front end, but the right lighting combination can give your property a look that really sets it apart.

Partner with Pros Who Know Apartment Landscaping

At LH Services, we understand what it takes to design and maintain attractive and functional landscaping around multi-family properties. We regularly provide landscape services for several property managers in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas.

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and learn how we can help make your apartments look their best!

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