We are a family company that has always been Horticulture. Every element in this company comes developing themselves in the industry, from our field crew to our leadership. Not only do we love what we do, we care for our customers and we always put them first, allowing us to provide a unique landscape experience.

Our Mission

To raise the bar in landscape management by combining generations of experience with modern practices to create meaningful environments for people to enjoy everyday. Our goal is to be the cause of positive change in our local community.


I have been in and around landscaping my entire life. From the time I was a child, I worked with my father in the family business that provided landscape services to properties in Dallas, Texas. In my early twenties, I decided to continue in my father’s footsteps and I founded Landscape Horticulture. Knowing that I wanted to focus on commercial properties, I was determined to earn a degree to compliment my experience. I have made it my goal to grow this company to be the best local landscape provider in Dallas for large properties. That dream has been realized as we are now known within our local market as long term partners who understand the needs of our clients and deliver results accompanied by excellent communication.

Our staff is our family. And like family, we take care of them. I believe they are our greatest asset. Like me, many of them have been in the industry for years. Quite a few have known and worked with me since I was a young boy. Their support has been invaluable and their dedication to the team is one of our distinct advantages.

Taking care of people is my passion and I want you to feel this in every level of our organization. We are different because we understand that we’re not simply managing properties, we are adding value to important assets and creating lasting relationships along the way.

Jesse Cardoza, Owner