We have provided landscape maintenance services for more than 1,000 properties in Dallas.


Quality & Experience

No one does it better than we do.

Our LH Team is highly trained & trusted, fully prepared to communicate and execute any landscape management solution. Our high quality standards derive from our shared culture and values.

How Do We Work?



Communication is as important as our work.

Using cutting edge technology and full-support digital platforms, we keep in constant touch with our clients, informing them of every detail on their property, from ongoing maintenance to their irrigation status, to seasonal coloring. We hear you, every step of the way.


Everything is up front, no hidden fees.

Our clients are our family. As a family, we respect our relationships with them by attaining to mutual agreements, meeting deadlines, and taking care of every aspect of their property, no matter how small.


Full-Service Irrigation

We are a one stop shop for all irrigation needs.

Us, in Landscape Horticulture, provide an all-around irrigation service, built with top irrigation technology, that allows our crews to supervise constantly and remotely. If there is any issue, our crew is highly prepared to solve any situation in a small scope of time.

We consider Irrigation on of our strong areas of expertise, especially when its about is saving water. Our technicians are not only experienced in irrigation repairs, water management for the proper care of a property, they are also certified with our proud partners at Weathermatic, which is currently the most innovative smart watering controls leading the industry.

Irrigation Services