April 10, 2019

The Situation:

Avignon came to us looking for a company that was capable of maintaining and improving their large property and holdings which includes 200+ homes.

Their need was unique in that they needed a company capable of handling their property in addition to the many yards of the homeowners.

Previous providers had been unable to provide quality communication so we were excited to show our skills in that area in addition to our capabilities with the properties themselves.


The Process:

As we took the properties on, we put a plan in place for a meeting with their manager once a month as well as thorough irrigation inspections. We also conducted full walk throughs with the landscape board member every other week. In addition, we sent weekly inspection reports from our property manager that included possible items for discussion.

Property specs:

  • 200+ Homes
  • 2 acre amenity center
  • 4 acre park
  • Complete management of 100+ irrigation zones