March 23, 2022

17 Big Backyard Landscaping Ideas To Make the Most of Large Spaces

As we all know, Texas knows how to do “big” really well. Our homes and lawns are no exception. But having a large backyard in Dallas/Fort Worth can be a blessing and a curse.

The curse is that it’s a lot to maintain especially if you’re trying to do it yourself. The blessing, though, is that the sky’s the limit when it comes to what all you can do with it!

We have landscaping solutions for both your blessings and curses when it comes to having a large property.

  • First, LH Services has tons of experience maintaining lawns and landscapes for some of DFW’s biggest properties.
  • Second, our landscape architects and designers know how to transform big spaces into incredible showpieces.

Here are several big backyard landscaping ideas that we think will make your Dallas estate an amazing private retreat!

Big Yard Landscaping Ideas

  • Create multiple areas for use at different times of the day. As the sun moves across your yard, you’ll find that it naturally creates a variety of “zones” throughout the day.
    • In the morning, areas that face east are great for starting the day with a cup of coffee.
    • Mid-day, when the sun is at its highest (and hottest!), you’ll want shady places to rest and admire the flowers enjoying the full sun.
    • In the evening, a strategically placed seating area elsewhere lets you enjoy the sunset with your dinner guests.
    • Plus, there are plenty of ways to create interesting “rooms” through creative landscaping or structures that you can enjoy at any time of day!
  • Use curves to create interest. There are times to strategically use straight lines for effect, but generally speaking, a large space is broken up best with curves. Lines that seem to bend and “move” draw your eye further into the “picture” your yard is painting. If done well, they can create a sense of mystery that makes you want to go exploring. Then you can begin to take full advantage of the various outdoor “rooms” your designer can create for you.
  • Build larger beds. Having a big backyard allows you to do big things that wouldn’t be possible elsewhere. Plant larger beds with multiple layers of plantings–all at various heights–to provide interest, especially at the edges of the property where your goal will also be to create some privacy. These are where you can show off a variety of trees, ornamental grasses, and larger shrubs.
  • Create smaller beds closer in to add depth. Imagine an island of flowers with gently curving edges in the middle of your lawn and in front of one of the larger beds at the end of your property. A bed like that will draw you and your guests further into the yard to see what could be on the other side. Since a bed like this would likely get more direct sunlight, it’s a perfect place to showcase colorful annuals.
  • Build a large water feature. In fact, if you have room, build several and connect them together. Multiple elements such as a pond, waterfall, and a stream leading to a smaller pond are great ways of turning your backyard into a 5-star oasis.
  • Use multiple levels. Don’t limit yourself to a flat yard. Work with the topography of your property to maximize your space. Or create vertical interest with the use of retaining walls, decks, platforms, terracing, or man-made hills.
  • Use a variety of materials. In the same way that a big backyard lets you use a variety of plants, it also allows you to incorporate a lot of different materials–stone patio, pavers, smooth river rocks, gravel walkways, mulch, brick–that all help break up one large area into multiple smaller ones with their own uses and personalities.

Backyard Structure Ideas

Big backyard landscaping ideas aren’t just limited to what you can do with plants. Having a large space to work with allows you to add in all kinds of terrific structures to enhance your outdoor experience. Here are just a few:

  • Pool – This one’s an obvious choice (especially in Dallas summers), but we didn’t want to overlook it!
  • Pergola – An easy way to create shade or define an outdoor room anywhere in your yard. The style options are endless.
  • Deck, Patio, Veranda, or Lanai – These outdoor spaces are connected to your house, and their differences depend on where they are and how they’re used. Decks are elevated wooden structures. Patios are ground-level and usually uncovered. Verandas are deeper porches that often wrap around the house. Lanais are like patios with full roofs, concrete or tile floors, and open (or screened) sides.
  • Fire Pit – Simple or complex, big or small, they’re perfect for gathering when the stars come out.
  • Outdoor Fireplace – When incorporated into a patio or lanai, an outdoor fireplace can really extend your time outdoors well into the colder months. (Add a pizza oven above one, and you’ll really have something!)
  • Outdoor kitchen – Spending time outdoors usually involves food at some point. Plan on installing a gourmet kitchen and grill station in your backyard so you’ll be prepared for your next dinner party.
  • Fountain – For a water feature closer to the house, a fountain is a great choice. The gentle sound of water creates an incredibly relaxing atmosphere wherever you place it.
  • Swing – Don’t think they can only go on the porch or veranda! What about a freestanding swing as part of a pergola on the far side of your yard? Or by itself next to your water feature? Or tucked away in a quiet corner of the yard surrounded by shrubs?
  • Sculptures – Big lawns can display big art. You’re only limited by your taste, budget, and imagination.
  • Play equipment – Don’t forget about the kids. Designate a section of your big backyard as a place for children to climb and play. There are so many options here that it would require a post of its own! Traditional swingsets, tree houses, forts, obstacle courses, zip lines, slacklines…anything is possible.

We Make Dream Backyard Ideas Come True

Our team of landscape architects loves to help turn your backyard landscaping ideas into a place that you, your family, and your friends will enjoy for years to come. With years of landscape design experience and knowledge of the latest trends in outdoor living, we would love to help make your dream backyard a reality.

Learn why property owners and managers of more than 1,000 properties around Dallas/Fort Worth are choosing LH Services. 

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