January 14, 2022

12 Plants That Grow Well In Texas (So Your Landscape Keeps Looking Good)

Selecting the best plants for your landscape in and around the Dallas area can be challenging if you aren’t sure which flowers, shrubs, and trees grow best in our area.

Imagine the frustration that’s waiting for you in a few months if you plant something now only to find out then that it is dying because it can’t handle intense Texas conditions! We believe you deserve better than that. You should be able to enjoy landscaping that is beautiful and worry-free.

Plants That Grow Well in Dallas Texas

That’s why we’ve put together this list of dependable plants to grow in Texas—specifically the Dallas/Fort Worth area—since that’s where we’ve been creating incredible landscapes and gardens for our clients for over 20 years now.

If you’re a high-end estate owner, commercial property owner, or multi-family property manager in or around Dallas, TX, take a look at the services we offer! We can do it all to keep your place looking good!

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Read on to discover some of the best landscaping, garden, and shade plants that you can grow in Texas!

Texas Landscaping Plants

The shrubs and trees listed here are great for creating a reliable basic landscape around your property. They can be used as specimens throughout your grounds or in groups to create strategic screens or areas of interest.

  1. Yaupon Holly – Do it all with this dependable evergreen shrub! It is a landscape staple that is extremely hardy and can be trimmed into whatever shape you need: foundation planting, accent shrub, or manicured focal point
  2. Dwarf Palmetto – This fan-shaped palm can handle drought and cold with no problems. It grows to be 5-8 feet tall and is useful as a privacy hedge or can stand alone as a specimen plant.
  3. Shantung Maple – This tree is basically a Japanese maple that can take tough conditions. It can eventually reach 25 feet tall and 20 feet wide, which makes it a nice shade tree for small spaces.
  4. Lynn’s Legacy Cenizo – This variety of native Texas sage is a very dependable bloomer throughout the season. Other sages can get a little picky about things like humidity and weather conditions. Use this 5-foot woody shrub virtually anywhere you can imagine for a show of purple flowers.
  5. Purple Coneflower – Echinacea has been a dependable wildflower in our area forever. Let these 2-5 foot tall stems and profuse lavender flowers cover any part of your property where you want to make a low-maintenance impact.
  6. Mealy Blue Sage – Another Texas native, this wildflower grows in clumps that are usually 2-3 feet tall and wide, making it useful for a nice middle planting in a flowerbed between a taller feature in the back and lower flowers or ground cover in the front.
  7. Lemon Bee Balm – This addition to your garden will attract butterflies and other pollinators! ! It only grows 1-2 feet tall, but produces tons of pink/purple blooms year after year.
  8. Napier Grass – Ornamental grasses are always a nice touch to provide variety in your landscape. The wide purple leaves of this plant also deliver interesting colors throughout the season. We recommend a couple of varieties based on your needs and location:
    • Princess Caroline – 4-6 feet tall
    • Black Stockings – 8-12 feet tall

Plants That Grow Well in the Shade in Texas

Fortunately, the Dallas area isn’t all wide-open skies with no escape from the sun! Thanks to the trees that grow well around here, we get to enjoy some cooling shade from time to time. Take advantage of this and consider creating a shade garden with some of these Texas plants that grow well in the shade.

  1. Turk’s Cap – Depending on where you live in Texas, this plant will either be perennial or annual. If you’re above Zone 7b, plan on taking it in each winter or replanting every year. It’s a great Texas native that is fast-growing and enjoys both sun and shade. It will bloom better in the sun, but the leaves look better in the shade.
  2. American Beautyberry – Also known as a French Mulberry bush. Its long stems with large leaves and clumps of purple berries are a great way to attract wildlife. Birds love the berries, and deer love the leaves. Under the right conditions, it can grow 9 feet tall but usually stops at 3-5 feet.
  3. Rock Rose – A great little flower that blooms from spring to frost in spite of extreme heat and drought. Mix it in your landscape anywhere.
  4. Cast Iron Plant – As the name implies, this is one tough plant! It’s a low-growing leafy evergreen shrub that doesn’t really have a stem. Instead, the long wide leaves seem to come directly out of the ground. It grows in dark green clumps that are usually 24” tall and wide.

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