October 29, 2021

How to Find the Best Commercial Landscape Contractors for Your Property

When you’re the owner of an office building or any type of commercial property, you want it to look good.

Whether it’s the headquarters for your business or a building you lease out to multiple companies, you deserve high-quality landscaping that delivers a professional first impression. Good commercial landscape contractors can make that happen.

But how do you go about hiring a quality commercial landscape service? You don’t want to risk handing over the care of your property to just anybody. Partnering with a landscape company that either can’t handle the job or isn’t reliable will only create ongoing headaches for you.

We believe that working with commercial landscape contractors shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why we’ve put together this post to help guide you through the basics of finding and working with excellent commercial landscape maintenance companies.

Commercial Landscaping vs Residential Landscaping

First, let’s look at how commercial landscaping is different from residential landscaping. The goals and uses are similar in some ways and completely different in others, and you want to make sure that whoever is providing your landscape services understands that.

On a residential property, the main goal is the homeowner’s comfort and enjoyment. Think about your own home. When you look out across your lawn and flowerbeds, you want to feel proud of where you live. You might even want your neighbors to envy your property a little. You definitely want to be able to go outside and relax or entertain guests in a beautiful environment.

At home, people like to be surrounded by flowers, shrubs, and trees that give them a sense of joy.

They often use a wide variety of plants and flowers to create a garden space around their home with lots of details and interest around every turn. Many times, they plant things that have sentimental significance like a particular shrub from their grandmother’s homestead or flowers they remember from their childhood. Residential landscaping should make us happy.

Commercial landscaping, on the other hand, is designed primarily to function well. It’s definitely important that it looks good and presents a clean and professional image to the employees and visitors who interact with your building.

But because commercial properties have so much activity on a daily basis, the landscaping needs to enhance the natural flow of traffic without getting in the way. Unlike your home, people don’t come to your office building to wander and admire (unless it has a courtyard or similar area created as a place to relax), they mainly are there to get in, take care of business, and leave. Commercial landscaping should make your property attractive and functional.

What to Know About Commercial Landscape Companies

While there are landscape and lawn care companies that do serve both residential and commercial properties, most will specialize in one or the other. Because of the differences between the types of properties that we mentioned above, the logistics of caring for each type are often very different.

Residential lawn care companies often have smaller crews who simply “mow, blow, and go” in order to get to as many homes as they can in a day. If they also do landscaping (pruning, edging, mulching, etc.), it’s usually not part of their regular routine.

Commercial landscape companies, however, use larger crews and are prepared to spend more time on each property they serve. They understand how the grounds of your office building are literally the front door of your business, and will usually trim shrubs and maintain flower beds (pulling weeds, clearing debris, etc.) as they go. Additionally, they will do things like fertilization, mulching, irrigation maintenance, aeration, and pest control on a regular schedule. It all depends on what you need and what you’ve contracted with them to do.

How Is Commercial Landscape Management Different?

Commercial lawn care companies do just that…care for your lawn. That’s it. They’ll cut the grass, edge the sidewalks, and blow the clippings away. But you’ll need to hire someone else to take care of things like shrubs, irrigation, tree care, and mulch.

As the owner of a commercial property like an office building or a shopping center, your best bet is to partner with a commercial landscape management company. They’re high-quality professionals who are prepared to be a one-stop solution for everything you’ll need to keep your commercial landscaping looking sharp.

These companies can help you with landscape design, regular maintenance, irrigation, insect control, and storm clean-up. Ice removal isn’t something business owners deal with much in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area (where we’re located), but a good landscape management company is prepared for that too so your sidewalks and parking lots stay clear and safe.

Commercial landscape maintenance companies understand that you’re counting on them to take care of everything outside your office building, so that you are free to focus on running and growing the business that’s happening on the inside.

What You Should Expect From Commercial Landscape Companies

Ultimately, at the end of the day, your property should look good. However, when you hire someone to do commercial landscape services, it shouldn’t be a struggle to get to that point.

You should expect whoever you partner with to be:

  • Professional
  • Experienced
  • Capable
  • Dependable
  • Excellent

If the crew you’ve hired to care for your commercial property is sloppy, unprepared, unreliable, or doesn’t seem to know much beyond the basics of lawn care…it’s time to find someone else. You’ve already invested a lot into your building and your business, don’t you think you deserve excellence when it comes to how it looks outside?

Dallas Commercial Landscape Contractors You Can Count On

For over 20 years, Landscape Horticulture Services has provided complete landscaping care for cities, commercial properties, sports fields, apartments, H.O.A., and those in the private sector. We proudly communicate our process and project information correctly and timely with accountability.

When you’re ready to raise the bar on your landscape management, take a look at the services we offer, then contact us to schedule a free estimate. We’d love to make your property look good so that you look good.

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